Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Millennium Challenge Corp. CEO Daniel W. Yohannes Travels to Tanzania and Senegal

April 7, 2013
Washington, D.C.

Millennium Challenge Corporation CEO Daniel W. Yohannes will travel to Tanzania and Senegal from April 7 to 17 for a series of meetings with high level officials and beneficiaries around milestone events in the Tanzania and Senegal development programs.
In Tanzania, Mr. Yohannes will mark the upcoming completion of MCC’s $698 million compact, which invested in roads, water and energy. From April 10 to 12, Mr. Yohannes will travel to Zanzibar, Tanga and Dodoma to attend official ceremonies marking the completion of several MCC-funded projects relating to energy and road transportation. MCC’s five year compact with Tanzania will close in September of 2013, but the results of MCC’s investments can already be seen as Tanzanians benefit from improved roads and access to electricity.

In Zanzibar, Mr. Yohannes will attend the completion of a new MCC-funded power transmission cable that links Zanzibar to the mainland’s electric grid, expanding power services to Zanzibar and creating opportunities for private-sector investment. In Dodoma, Mr. Yohannes’ visit marks the completion of 833 kilometers of power transmission and distribution lines in communities that now have access to electricity, enabling students to study and expanding critical social services like health centers.

Mr. Yohannes will also travel to Tanga, where an MCC-funded highway now connects the cities of Tanga and Horohoro and opens northeast Tanzania to increased commerce.

Mr. Yohannes will meet with President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania and President Mohammed Shein of Zanzibar to discuss the ongoing partnership between MCC and Tanzania, which was deemed eligible to develop a second compact in December of 2012.

Mr. Yohannes will then travel to Senegal from April 15 to 17, where he will inaugurate MCC’s work on the RN6 highway and bridge in the Kolda region. MCC’s $540 million investment in Senegal targets road rehabilitation and improved irrigation and water management, and the RN6 highway and Kolda bridge represent almost one-third of that investment. MCC plans to rehabilitate at least 256 kilometers of highway, reducing travel time and increasing regional trade.

While in Senegal, Mr. Yohannes will meet with President Macky Sall. The CEO also will meet with American and Senegalese private sector and donor community leaders, which will offer an opportunity to discuss follow-on investments to MCC’s work in Senegal.

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